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Dear Aspirants,

Civil Services Examination opens the vistas of power for you. Once you are through, you become a part of the bureaucracy referred to as the steel frame of India.


The system of Governance in India puts the mammoth responsibility of development and governance on the shoulders of Civil Servants. Civil Servants are the brain, eyes and ears of the Government. Governments change, but the steel frame continues and keeps the system running with a chord of continuum. 


Innumerable students vie every year to get a berth. Opportunity is great, and so is the competition. So, get ready to jump into this vast ocean and we would steer you through the bad patch! You need to excel in all sections of the examination and adopt be second to none approach. Commitment, hard work, strategy, proper time management and continuous improvement shall take you far. We promise to lead your way in this arduous journey till you cross the finish line.


Truthfulness is our biggest virtue. We deliver what we promise. Our success hinges on yours. So, let us partner for this journey. I assure you all my support. The Kaizen Team shall stand by you throughout.


Best wishes for your endeavour and May god fructify your dream to be a Civil Servant.

About Civil Services Examination-

Welcome to the world of CSE preparation.

Success in Civil Services exam hinges on following factors-

  • Right student
  • Right subject
  • Right teacher
  • Right material
  • Right mix of hard work and practice
  • Right time management
  • Right strategy
  • The most important – Continuous improvement

At this outset, we would discuss few myths about civil services examination preparation.

Myth 1- It is extremely hard nut to crack; Many aspirants qualify civil services in the very first attempt. You may be one of them. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Myth 2- Popular humanities optionals are key to success; Please study facts objectively. Number of students appearing with Humanities subjects is more. Hence, more students qualify with these subjects. Success rate in other optionals is not bad either. Choose optional subjects you love and you can put in your best. Look into the question bank for your subject for last three years and decide accordingly.

Myth 3- I prepare for Mains, Prelims will be taken care of- Preliminary exam is the first barrier. You can’t be complacent. Once you slip here, you will not be able to concentrate on Mains in next attempt. Give due weightage to Prelims preparation at right time.

Myth 4- Collect notes from every coaching centre and cover all topics- There is no dearth of material these days. Internet is another vast resource. But do not fall into trap of collecting all material and then get confused. Build your preparation around standard text books. Try to build required knowledge rather than writing material for encyclopaedia!!

Myth 5- I have joined the most popular coaching centre, I must be in- Popular coaching centres have batch strength of 300 or even more. You will be a victim of monologue in such places. CSE require deep understanding and close monitoring of your performance by good teachers. I specifically used the word ‘good teacher’ and not the popular teacher. You must take free demo classes before joining any coaching centre. Quality of teacher and not popularity alone matters. Interaction and personal attention in small batch is an essential for choosing right coaching centre.

Myth 6- Newspaper & Magazine reading will ensure good coverage of current affairs portion- Reading newspapers/ magazines may be a good pursuit to increase knowledge but may not be the best strategy from examination point of view. You must see the time frame available with you. If time permits, read newspapers regularly and make a system to revise important topics. Current affairs part can be prepared objectively, selectively and in a time frame. Be sure to choose right topics and prepare them thoroughly from the good magazines you collect over time. 

Myth 7- I have appeared once, I know most of things now- Regularity in your study is the factor that can take you far in this exam. If you have appeared once, taken coaching and have enough material, you need to be regular with studies. For regularity, you can join some group else be regular in studies. 

Myth 8- Content matters and not the presentation- It is not only the content but also your presentation that fetches you good score in Mains. Try to take test series from two places to get fair idea and pitfalls in your writing skills.

Myth 9- I could not succeed in multiple attempts, I am no good- CSE test you on many parameters. Success rate is usually low in this exam. If you are not able to qualify in multiple attempts, be positive and choose some other field. There may be better options waiting for you. Many good students with utmost sincerity levels and good knowledge base couldn’t qualify. They are now producing Civil Servants by coaching aspirants!! Failure in this exam is not the end of road. Be positive, be confident. Preparation of this examination will make you an asset for the nation and there will be no dearth of opportunities for you.

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